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Keshav Ratlami Namkeen

Fiki Papdi/Gathia Papdi - Indori Namkeen - 500 GM

Fiki Papdi/Gathia Papdi - Indori Namkeen - 500 GM

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This Indori Namkeen is a delicious blend of Fiki Papdi and Gathia Papdi that creates a unique and flavorful Indian snack. With a generous amount of 500 GM, you can enjoy the perfect balance of crunch and spice in every bite. Perfect for any occasion or as a tasty snack on the go.

  • Carry Snack Pouch along to enjoy in Breaks, Traveling, Picnics or Movies.
  • Great taste in every bite!
  • A perfect and delicious snack for your everyday mood!
  • Tea-time is never complete without dry snacks. Enjoy them in your next party.
  • It's good to eat at a party!
  • Weight: 500 grams!
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